Monday, February 4, 2013


A home garden needs a large strawberry patch
If you want to pick a punnet or two.
Annually I clean up this patch trying to leave a few strong plants
for the next season.

This year I have picked many strawberries
but not many make it back up to the house.
I sell plants at the market for $3.00each
The last two market most of the plants were dripping with  fruit
but I only sold two plants.

The drought has taught gardeners that summer is the toughest time to
plant things in this climate.
That heat wave was ridiculous, 4 days in a row over 40...
Then we get the arctic blast and have struggled to get
over 20 for a week...cold and windy...strange
and a reminder that summer will not last forever and winter is creeping up on us.
I do prefer summer.
The year is off to a good start, I have had night classes over the summer
and Uni is about to start again. I got a few extra hours on the work clock
teaching drawing to first year Uni students.
That should be fun.
After school pottery starts tonight, Parent and child night.
Children $15.00 parents free.
Nice to see this combination being creative together.


gz said...

I like the prices on those classes!

Strange weather rain here in Whanganui, NI, NZ for a month...and now we're into our second day of rain with only a few breaks. (just when we needed only six more dry days!!)

I think people are less willing to do the regular work of gardening wherever you are in the world, and think that a huge backbreaking bash is how to do it, not half an hour steady every day! No wonder they give up.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

40 to 20 C! It is well below 20f up here now here ;) but we had 10 below zero f then 60+ f, then back down to below zero one week.... good GOLLY the weather is screwy, hmm?