Saturday, November 8, 2014

Herb labels

I have been making heaps of herb signs.
I hope they are going to be popular Christmas presents

I have noticed that all those that have been on really hot days
are flushed with my sweat.
Can you see the orange blush on the worm heads?
I wonder if this colour will burn out in the next firing?

We have had some very hot days already 
and Summer is still a few weeks away.
We will be right with the air conditioner now installed in the studio
It dries out any clay that is left unwrapped though
I will have to be careful of that.
I have also been working on set of beakers.
Hot or cold cups
no handles
I think the Japanese were wise to ignore the handle concept
Saves a lot of time, less can go wrong
and the cups are stackable, space saving crockery.
I have often struggled to get handles attached before the pot is too dry.
With the studio in the back yard I now have no excuse however
I am enjoying the simple shape. 

Note the middle blue cup
I must have forgotten to stir the glaze with this one,
it's not very blue
I must have dipped the blue first then the satin white.
There is a lovely feathery lilac where they meet.
I must try a tester where I am going for mostly lilac, 
 I am not sure that is a good food colour though?

Then there is the debate about blue and green together.
I like this one, shame about the flat spot 
where I accidentally pushed the wet pot against something.
I have two more sets in the kiln at the moment.
I have tried a few different combinations and will post some pictures
when they come out of the kiln early next week.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Swings and Roundabouts

Life is just full of swings and roundabouts
One minute you are up 
and then the world comes crashing down.
I guess it is all about how you handle it.
I have been working very hard to 
get the new studio up and running.
I had lots of help especially my friend Lou 
who painted and carried her way through some annual leave.
 My sister's husband's Aunty and Uncle
 who were camping in our paddock  helped me install the sliding door. 
Polycarbonate will let some morning light into the studio.
An air conditioner was installed 
into the wall space next to the door. 
Lucky as we have already experienced 40 degree afternoons.
The children were quite pink on that day as we only had fans at that stage. 
Brave and determined creative kids to come to class on such a hot day.

 There is one last bit of wall still to build.
The section above the front door.
I have to get the sign writing off, it is upside down and back the front.
The door was from a shop that sold balloons and fireworks.
There has been a lot of recycling on this project.

It has come a long way...and 
we have already held some classes in there.
The first after school students, Amilia and Sasha

This space is going to be fantastic.
I have been using it in the evenings to 
make some things for Christmas markets.
First of which is due out of the kiln today.
Hopefully they are all fantastic and worthy of a post later in the week