Thursday, April 16, 2015

It never rains but it pours!

42 ml of rain by 2.30pm and it is still raining. 
The dust has settled!
I think this is the Autumn break the farmers were looking for.

I am not sure the caravan will get out of this easily.
G Kelly, we might be towing the car that is towing the caravan.

This person had a lucky break when they accidentally drove
down to our turn around. 
Plenty of people have been bogged down here.
Its a case of if it is wet it is out of bounds
Enter at your own peril.

This paddock is nearly completely under water.
I wonder if the market will be on in the morning?
I am bunching flowers but feel the need to stop 
as it is all a waste of time if the market is cancelled.
They had to be picked any way so that's no problems, 
but I haven't picked the herbs yet and perhaps I won't bother today.