Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big couch big task

All three dogs fit comfortably on the very very old couch.
They are a bit hard on the cushions and it is starting to look very shabby
Shelia considering my choice of replacment fabric.
I am in the process of working out a pattern,
this stripey fabric will be the new top
I have some terracotta plain for the underneath.
It will cerainly be an improvement.
They will have to be removeable for washing.
I am sure I can do it!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

All manner of critters appearing

I noticed tonight at pottery
that all manner of critters were appearing on our shelves.
Sean from Tuesday Kids class loves playing Pac man
and has been working on this and a set of ghosts.

David was pipped at the post at last years Mildura Show
with Babara's pig oil lamp,

he is planning to blitz it this year with this money box.

I think his Echidna might delight the judges also.

A small child has been inspired to copy the idea,
which is the highest form of flattery!

We are planning a fundraising exhibition and I thought
it might be a good idea if all the children made an oil lamp.

A bit of a theme, and focus.
We started today but just one has neared completion for drying.
Our newest member Linda has a back ground in mosaic making.
Her attention to detail with the underglazes will ensure a fantastic finish.
And just what was I doing you may ask?
I was fixing the slab roller that continally drops a shear pin and beaks down.
I can fix it myself now and have establised that it is just the thickness of
a piece of paper that makes it too small for the hole.
Made a shim from the day diary and so far so good.
To check out the other pottery studios and
what they have been up to this week,
click on this link

Friday, July 19, 2013

FFFFFFreezing market today

Just back from the coldest market ever.
Farmers market on the riverfront with a strong south wind.
Tents did not stand up to the gusts and many taken down to prevent damage.
We are not used to extreme cold with wind here in the north west corner of Victoria.
Amazing that any customers braved the wind to support us.
I did notice this amazing flower stalk in the driveway.

I have never seen one before and wonder what it will be like.

No pottery pictures this week but
the next sculpture comp for my students and I is "Pipe Dreams"
The focus of this one is old irrigation pipes turned into art.
No copper or brass allowed.
My entry from last year has brightened a

corner of my garden ever since and I often think

I should make some to sell at the market given I sell cut flowers.
But what would I charge for them?
3 or 5 are required to make any statement.
They have lasted well.
I am formulating my plan for this year.
I am thinking about flag Irises....
but there are at least 6 weeks to plan and create 
so who knows what will happen!
Check out the creative activities of the Mud bloggers at

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Successful Exhibition

I wasn't the only artist to create a 3D animal out of sweat boxes this year.
Peter Campain "Piglet"
This pig was quite amazing.
And the wall hanging dolphin was beautiful.

Graham Collins made both "Silly Scorpion" and "Gilly Goanna"
There was also some furniture, beautiful stamped metal front on this little cabinet.

Joshua Southwell, "Dip tin light"
This starndard lamp was made entirely from dip tins.
Beautiful baskets from refashioned dip tins and a bit of clever metal cutting.
Stephen Gerstenmayer,"Barrow"
This barrow has maintained some of the original lettering.
Most of us locals would remember the Vineleaf stores, a growers co-operative.
"Job well done" by John Fuller
These carved hands were amazing.
The length of the arms meant there was some movement and a gentle tap
would make the hands clap together.
This was last years winning artist I believe.
All in all it has been a successful exhibition with many people coming through each day.
I am sure many of the artists are already formulating their idea for next year.
I certainly am!
Just in case you didn't read my last post
My sculpture "Madonna and Child" sold!
I will make this my Mud Colony post this week even though there is nothing here made of clay.
It is all very creative and I hope the regular potters are inspired by this Agri Art Competition.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweating over Art

I didn't win a prize but I did win some kudos.
Front page of the local paper,
well sort of.
I turned to page 9 to find that
My sculpture Madonna and child was again featured along with the winner.
Gabe Fitzpatrick.
Well done, an impressive pool table made entirely from sweat boxes.
The cloth- hessian, the pockets- rack wire
The cue - a turned rack strainer.
An ingenious transfomation of the old boxes that were used to transport
sultanas to the packing sheds.
Note the white drum plinth in the back ground.

Very exciting to see that red dot!
I'm not sure I am finished with this idea yet but...
Look at these other creations,
My student, David Delayde titled "Sliced"

Richard Lambe, Table lamp

These altered dip tins were very popular at "Annies Market" and again here.
I remember that sound, what a hot job, picking grapes is.
A good way to fund a year at university when you are young and fit.
We now get a lot of international back packers who are out to fund
 their Australian adventures.
This is my camel Mk 2
I am finding it hard to look at this photo as I want to make a few adjustments...
It was NFS so I get to bring it home and return it to it's garden plinth.
Photos so slow to load tonight  I will complete the exhibition exposure in my next post.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

What makes me happy?

This was the theme of the last blog post I read before
my internet connection vanished that a word?
What a frustrating time I had trying to work out why
but perhaps it was not such a bad thing as
I did have a sculpture deadline looming.
I had time to ponder that question.

Living here on the farm hanging out with my husband and my furry family.

Faithful friends who get along so well together

Colour made with a little dirt, a little water and a lot of optimism
in this harsh climate.
And the thing that makes me most happy is making things.
I had a lot of fun preparing for the exhibition but
I was so frazzled when I delivered my two pieces and one for my student
I forgot to take any photos.
I will go back over to Wentworth and photograph everything.
There were some really interesting pieces and
I think my student might be in with a chance of a prize.
Oh and back to the question,
a working internet connection also makes me happy.