Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sweating over Art

I didn't win a prize but I did win some kudos.
Front page of the local paper,
well sort of.
I turned to page 9 to find that
My sculpture Madonna and child was again featured along with the winner.
Gabe Fitzpatrick.
Well done, an impressive pool table made entirely from sweat boxes.
The cloth- hessian, the pockets- rack wire
The cue - a turned rack strainer.
An ingenious transfomation of the old boxes that were used to transport
sultanas to the packing sheds.
Note the white drum plinth in the back ground.

Very exciting to see that red dot!
I'm not sure I am finished with this idea yet but...
Look at these other creations,
My student, David Delayde titled "Sliced"

Richard Lambe, Table lamp

These altered dip tins were very popular at "Annies Market" and again here.
I remember that sound, what a hot job, picking grapes is.
A good way to fund a year at university when you are young and fit.
We now get a lot of international back packers who are out to fund
 their Australian adventures.
This is my camel Mk 2
I am finding it hard to look at this photo as I want to make a few adjustments...
It was NFS so I get to bring it home and return it to it's garden plinth.
Photos so slow to load tonight  I will complete the exhibition exposure in my next post.


WJB said...

Fantastic Jayne, Your camels are great, and your students orange segments are really great too. I hope to go over to Wentworth tomorrow and will have a close look. Congrats on that red dot!

Caroline said...

The camels are gorgeous!

Annie said...

Keeping up the family tradition of newspaper coverage I see. Well done to you and your students! I'll give you a call about your quilting...the rebel is my friend Maria, and mine was 4th row on the very right

Gary's third pottery blog said...

you are a STAR!

catherine roberts said...

Well Done,Id love to exhibit that Windmill painting I did

Anonymous said...

Test comment

Anonymous said...

Anonymous person again... she thinks featuring on the front page of the newspaper is pretty damn impressive!!! Impressive sculpture too! PS So is that Pool table! Lou