Thursday, July 4, 2013

What makes me happy?

This was the theme of the last blog post I read before
my internet connection vanished that a word?
What a frustrating time I had trying to work out why
but perhaps it was not such a bad thing as
I did have a sculpture deadline looming.
I had time to ponder that question.

Living here on the farm hanging out with my husband and my furry family.

Faithful friends who get along so well together

Colour made with a little dirt, a little water and a lot of optimism
in this harsh climate.
And the thing that makes me most happy is making things.
I had a lot of fun preparing for the exhibition but
I was so frazzled when I delivered my two pieces and one for my student
I forgot to take any photos.
I will go back over to Wentworth and photograph everything.
There were some really interesting pieces and
I think my student might be in with a chance of a prize.
Oh and back to the question,
a working internet connection also makes me happy.


Anna said...

I look forward to seeing your sculpture and your students. Love the image of your dogs :) Did you grow those asters? I would love a flower garden but we have big trees with lots of shade and roots but then they help keep the house cooler in summer so you can't have everything...

Georgia Harvey said...

Oh! You have camels? One of my favourite beasts. You have the life JB, gardening, clay and CAMELS!!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your life looks and sounds full of love, beauty, joy and full of contentment.

I look forward to seeing the sculptures too.


Annie said...

It makes me happy to see what makes you many connections we both have. Oh how I wish we lived closer to each other.

Caroline said...

I saw a photo of your sculpture in the newspaper! Don't forget our 10.00 appointment with clay!

Willow said...

Was great to hear from you .
I love that sign too, it belonged to my great aunt who lived out her life on this farm before me. She had a great sence of humor and always spoke her mind.
What a fun first photo with your feet and the camels.
Your labs are lovely, the sweetest dogs Labradors.