Thursday, June 23, 2011

I may have worked it out!

I was wondering how my circles got so out of control....just after my last post...wondering and weeding when I realised I had become side tracked and was weeding well away from the circles.
I had become side tracked down into my flower rows.
and if I change those letters around
all made sense.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weeds! Where do they come from?

I have to wonder how did this vege circle get so out of control?
It is a daunting task to reclaim this growing space.
This next circle is half under control after 2 solid hours of weeding.
Thank goodness for the garden fork.
I pinched a few self seeded silver beets from another circle and planted in the freshly weeded circle.
This photo shows the hill building aspect of this flood plain garden. All my circles were built up with available dirt...but there was not enough to raise the level of the whole garden so I paved the paths with bricks of newspapers. I then cover the paper bricks with gum leave raked up from our forest.

It looks a bit messy at this stage but here you can see that the level of the ground has been raised by 2 or 3 newspaper bricks.
It hasn't flooded since this work was done but in 1992 the whole garden as it was then was under water.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Over sized produce

Unfortunately I did not place anything next to the quince to really show how huge it was.
Over 1kg in weight this is definitely the largest quince I have ever grown.
My Michael has been cooking lots of delicious things with all the quinces including an apple and quince sponge, Quince crumble, roasted quince as a hot vegetable/fruit. Yum.

I was having a bit of trouble closing the egg carton the other day. One of our chooks must only lay and egg every second day and it is always a double yolker, this time I did put something next to it so you could compare the different sizes.

I have been very busy lately but I had an idea that might help me sell flowers without having to door knock businesses in town.
This was an old sculpture laying around the back yard. It had been made for the sweat box art exhibition by a friend and her students. It was a "sweat box" with a foam head coming out the top where I have put the umbrella.
Works a treat and I had sold a few bunches before the end of the week. I will have to get a more permanent sign though....It has not survived the few showers well. At least the price is still readable.

These are some bunches that I have made and carted around the town. People were really supportive of my efforts and I did sell quite a few bunches, but it is hard work. If I am to do that again I would not use Fowlers jars as the vases as they are really heavy when filled with water. Great physio for me though.