Saturday, August 27, 2011

Spring is coming!

I went and checked the lilliums yesterday.
Just over half are poking their heads through the soil.
I am now getting nervous that rabbits might find them tasty.
Their forest home is just the other side of the rabbit proof fence.

The garlic is doing very well.
The "Blood and bone" put down to deter the rabbits has fertilised them well.

The Dianthus is full of buds and it won't be long before I am picking these flowers.

The leafy greens in this circle are ripe for picking.
Cos lettuce, Mizuna, Red Mustard.
The mustard is hot, too hot for my liking.
I picked some for the chooks yesterday but they weren't too keen.
I also weeded all the stinging nettle out of this circle and fed it to the chooks.
They weren't to keen on that either.
Hopefully the worms will like it.

This is one of my favorites.
It is a great filler in bunches of flowers
Fever few
You can eat a few leaves to settle a head ache (so they say)

This is a tulip that Lou gave me for my birthday. It has a purple blush on the outside.
It was chosen for its colours and is beautiful
I have it planted in a pot in the entrance way, greeting all who visit.
Thanks Lou!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Time to move the Chooks

The system is that the chooks should be moved every 2 weeks. They have been on this circle now for a couple of months. I have supplemented the weeds with 2 bales of pea straw and a bale of lucerene hay. It is the lowest point in the garden and given the flood plain status......I am keen to raise the ground level.
They have done a fantastic job of knocking down the weeds and spent plants.....Just to give you an idea, here is a photo of the circle before the chooks.

Quite amazing work.
I am ready to fill up the cleared and fertilized circle with cos lettuce, mizuna, rocket and spring onions.
With spring just weeks away I am very keen to plant, plant, plant, but I am running out of space.
Shelia keeps a good eye on me when I am out there.
I am keeping a good eye on this Mullberry tree. It is loaded and I look forward to the sweet treats as I walk past during summer. Last year it had 2 lots of fruit finishing just after Easter.
There will be no shortage of self seeded Rocket in this garden.
They are always the strongest seedlings and don't seem to mind me moving them to the latest cleared circle.
Come on spring!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Preparing for spring

I am trying to be in front for spring.
I have sown flowers
and veg
Spring begins in 4 weeks
Today is forecast to be 24 degrees C so it is beginning to warm up.

These are Romanesco Broccoli seedlings, otherwise known as "Cosmic Cauliflower" .
The most amazing looking vegetable!
Next to them are some corn flowers
How's this for a determined plant.
It is growing through a nail hole in the recycled tin. Evening primrose, the true one that flowers in the moonlight and emits a delightful scent. This retaining wall is holding up my circle gardens, it is where I got the original dirt to raise the beds above flood level.
Capsicums, Corriander, Love in the mist, Corn flowers, Polka dots, Parsley, Silverbeet, Spring onions, Marjoram and Dill & Thyme, just to name a few varieties.
I went and checked the Lilliums this morning.
Still no sign of them.
Oh well.