Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hot hot hot

A couple of days above 40 degrees.
I found a shady spot to garden.
There is an old passion fruit vine taking over in here.
Puts me off grafted passion fruit!
Beautiful flowers on the root stock but
it would take over a forest in no time flat.
It has been some years since there were any fruit to harvest. 

Hard to see but,
 a wheel barrow full of weeds in the background .
And a lovely shady place for contemplation
This is looking towards the back door,
Pottery studio on the right.

This is my Desley Salvia,
it grows magnificently here in part shade.

I have been giving the slab roller a bit of a work out.
The green glaze was falling off this one as I wiped it's bottom.
My satin mat glaze does not cope too well with other glazes.
Looks good but very hard to control.

It is making me nervous to see this platter 
hanging over the edge of the table.
It is a favourite combination of mine,
Tenmoku with Hyacinth blue over the top

This one is still in bisque stage. I was trying to disguise the
not so straight edge.
The butterfly will be totally blue when complete
Not overly keen on this style...but it will be interesting .

Monday, February 9, 2015

Where are my glasses?

Before I leave the house I always instruct the dogs to 
"Guard the house"
Today I went out to buy the newspaper from the servo
at the end of our street.
When I got back I could not find my glasses anywhere.

I walked around and around knowing I had left them at my computer...
I wondered if Luka had played with them?
I had not noticed his harness missing off the table.

 I had a bit of a laugh at his little stash on my bed
Harness, lead, ball and throwing stick and 
my glasses! 
Was he trying to tell me something?

He is not allowed on the bed.
I have noticed a few times when I have gone out that
he can look out the window from the bed.
I close the door but it is open upon my return.
He takes advantage of some freedom.
He sits on MSs' chair also...looking out the window
Waiting for me to come back.
He was a rescue dog so there is some degree of separation anxiety.
You have just got to love his priorities.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jeans and Jumpers in January

Zinnia with purple and red Verbena
This last two weeks have been really cool..
Jeans  and jumpers in January?

It is cool enough to put some flowers out the front.
No takers so far but it looks good
when I drive in and out.
Like a portable garden....The afternoon sun can still
be pretty fierce. 
Our UV rating is always extreme,
even if it is cold in the shade.
Wow. We are up to Feb already? 
Schools in and so is after school pottery.
A few things out of the kiln today.
Pottery Club members have been busy.
Bob has made a set of bowls, 
Caroline's chickens on a bowl look great and 
the flower stamps on another bowl work really well.

I am loving the texture on this bowl.
Amy has transferred her cake decorating skills to clay.

I made a fish stamp and 
worked it around the edge of this platter.
I love it when the slab roller is working.
It wasn't quite right when I rolled this slab but I thought
the bumps in the middle were a bit like the sand 
on the bottom of the ocean.
Keep in mind I am a desert dweller and rarely visit the sea.

If I was reflecting the fish in the river...
the platter would be a different colour

It was good to catch up with Amilia yesterday.