Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hot hot hot

A couple of days above 40 degrees.
I found a shady spot to garden.
There is an old passion fruit vine taking over in here.
Puts me off grafted passion fruit!
Beautiful flowers on the root stock but
it would take over a forest in no time flat.
It has been some years since there were any fruit to harvest. 

Hard to see but,
 a wheel barrow full of weeds in the background .
And a lovely shady place for contemplation
This is looking towards the back door,
Pottery studio on the right.

This is my Desley Salvia,
it grows magnificently here in part shade.

I have been giving the slab roller a bit of a work out.
The green glaze was falling off this one as I wiped it's bottom.
My satin mat glaze does not cope too well with other glazes.
Looks good but very hard to control.

It is making me nervous to see this platter 
hanging over the edge of the table.
It is a favourite combination of mine,
Tenmoku with Hyacinth blue over the top

This one is still in bisque stage. I was trying to disguise the
not so straight edge.
The butterfly will be totally blue when complete
Not overly keen on this style...but it will be interesting .


Anonymous said...

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smartcat said...

Cold! Cold! Cold! Here it's going back down to zero farenheit tonight!

Caroline said...

We just pulled our passionfruit vine off the fence. As you say, the flowers were beautiful, quite unique. But all we ever got was a soft yellowish fruit that never turned into passionfruit. We were told it was because it was grafted. So I see why you don't like grafted ones.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Beautiful gardens and butterfly....we have had several feet of snow on the ground for weeks, and right now the outside temp is -25 C, and with wind the weather report says feels like almost -40 C....

WJB said...

Its comfortably hot here in Ballarat Jayne, a bit different from your 40s.
Keep up the good work with your platters.Greetings to the night pottery class.!WJB

Lori Buff said...

It’s so nice to see pictures of somewhere hot and sunny while we are suffering in the cold.
I like the butterfly platter.