Sunday, March 1, 2015

Driveway clean up

I have spent a bit of time cleaning up the driveway
as this is the first impression a student or a parent of a student
will get as they approach the pottery studio.
I still have some building projects to complete before the studio
 is 100% finished.
It is a work in progress 
I get a laugh out of MS's number plate.
He waited and waited, researched and some before finally
buying a new second hand 4WD to get him 
to the mine and back each week.
A good car does make it easy for him to travel the unsealed roads
that take him to work each week.

This is the market trailer that gets loaded with plants each market.
I have been carting the tins of plants, 4 tins at a time
from their regular resting spot.
It was all up hill (only slightly) and around 2 corners.
This new space will make it so much easier to load the trailer.
I just hope it is not too hot in the driveway for the plants.

The straw helps to soak up any excess water.
The frame was our monkey bars from childhood.
It works a treat.
Thanks Mum. Very handy gift.

I still need to disguise the bus a bit more somehow.

This is what the students and their parents will see 
when they come through the gate.
I think I will put the Frangipani trees that Dawn gave me,
 in large pots against the house, near that water tank.

I was initially worried that Luca would wander 
if I left the gate open for the students. However, 
he loves them all so much he sits in the studio 
looking out the door waiting for them to come.
Thankfully they all love him too.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Your setting and life seem so different form ours, but then I see the sweet dogs and know that maybe not so different :)

Annie said...

Looks fantastic Jayne! Maybe you'll have to build a little awning over the plants coming off the bus. Do you have an old army tent to help disguise the bus? Thinking of my year 7 camp to Lake Victoria...that was huge! The frangapannie will look nice there.

Caroline said...

Lovely Jayne. But my son would say not to hide the bus! Haha!

WJB said...

Looking good Jayne, Keep it up Your frangipani will look good near the tank and it will be a warm spot away from the frost.

catherine roberts said...

I want a garden clean up,i got energetic late last year then my shoulder give out and no one else is interested in helping make a tidy yard,but Im doing a little bit here and there and getting bits done,next will be a garden arch like those chinese ones

Menday Richardson said...

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