Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fresh out of the kiln.

You might remember I loaded this kiln last weekend
Here is the grand opening... 
The stand out items from this firing would have to be
Renae's jugs.
I love the dark clay.
She says it was awful to throw
and has vowed to never attempt it again.
I looks like pressed sand to me, great colour...but
I can imagine there is little plasticity, much like Raku clay.

I got a variety of colour on my handless mugs.

There is a pearl like blue tinge to this rim.

The more I make of these mugs, the better they are at stacking up.
I am going to take these over to Wentworth, "Ruby's cargo"
A shop that celebrates hand made.

Renae has been busy being very creative with these tall pots.
I wonder how she will glaze them?

I have negotiated with the service station at the end of our street to
sell my flowers.
Only one bunch sold in the first week.
I think they look fine there in the door way.
Lets hope the idea takes off.
I have to keep trying to raise a wage.
Fingers crossed!


Anna said...

I'm impressed with the colours you are getting in an electric kiln.. I hope the word soon gets around about your lovely flowers..

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I'd buy those flowers! Opening the kiln is always such a thrill :)

WJB said...

Hope your servo marketing goes well Jayne. go girl.

catherine roberts said...

I hope it picks up for you,I love fresh flowers ,but none of my family ever think to buy them for me lol