Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It's going to be a long hot summer!
Today is expected to reach 38 degrees C
A week or so ago Skittles came when she was called
with a large brown snake in her mouth.
She seemed so proud of herself and her little black friend was equally impressed with the catch.
I was totally freaked out. The snake was still alive
Still biting her on the foot.
It was looped twice in her mouth with the head still snapping at her feet.
She had blood on her nose where it had bitten her
All I could think was"WHERE IS THE SHOVEL"
How do I kill the snake without chopping off her foot?
I tried to identify the snake after I had killed it and removed it from her mouth,
unfortunately in the panic I had flung the head
out into the paddock to prevent the little one from eating it.
Every one asks "Did you get a photo?"
I was a bit busy and preoccupied at the time so here is my
Photoshop memory of the event

When I rang the vet in a panic I told them of the 6tft snake that had bitten Skittles
When they asked me to bring it in I thought maybe I had exaggerated but  
they thought it was more like 2 metres so I had every reason to be freaked out
Turns out it was a king brown
Most deadly and if she had not received the treatment
 she would most certainly have died.
The treatment would have killed her if there was no venom in her system
So despite the extraordinary price for anti venom
I was pleased she had really coped it as her recovery has been swift and complete.
Now an accomplished game hunter
she is obsessed with looking for snakes and lizards.
They all still hang out with me in the garden while I work.

This is the scene of the great brown snake drama
I can  identify a "We have cornered a lizard" bark.
Stella has turned out to be a rather small Lab
but quite a mischievous puppy nonetheless

Friday, October 26, 2012

Our local Agricultural Show was on last week
I always enter Pottery Club members work for fun
We had quite a few wins
The kids love it
Corey was inspired by an image in one of our books.
We refer to it as a shell but it can double as a marble mountain.
I gave all the other kids pots back before I borrowed Mums camera
The adults did very well also
Its interesting how many Jane's we have at pottery
3 potters and one pottery mum
We have a Jay also
Must be a creative name?
 This character is called Fred, his partner Mabel was a bit riske for the show
He has a face book page I believe, if you want to check out their beach holiday...
It must have been Maslins beach!
These were my prize pots.
First and second and not a camel in sight which surprised most members.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rhubarb flower

I have not been very successful growing rhubarb over the last couple of years
I got annoyed and moved the crowns this year
For the first time ever I have picked several bunches.
7 out of the 8 crowns moved have flourished
1 decided to flower!
Spring is here and the weeds are springing out of the ground
faster than I can pull them out.
 Dare I stand back and admire a weed free circle cause they will be back thicker,
stronger and more smothering before I can pat myself on the back.
The banksia rose that grows over this arch has been spectacular.
I have snow drifts of yellow petals all around the back door, in the hall way, bathroom....
It has been so beautiful and at times it looks like
a mop of yellow hair with the windows being the eyes and the door for a nose.
This next image does not quite tell that story.
I have to warn the family about the next image.
Dad died a couple of years ago and he has been on my mind a lot lately.
This photo was taken at my aunts funeral where they gave us champagne to sip whilst releasing balloons.
Was it circus or big band music that was played?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thursday's garden work day

I am lucky on Thursday's
My friend Pip comes to work for me
We make plants, sow seeds, pick flowers
Spring has increased the need for help, we are just keeping up
The photo's are all hers today

use as lettuce for a hot sandwich

We picked 5 buckets of flowers
They looked stunning all together,

The only problem with a worker that has a camera,
they can and do capture me at work.
Proof that I do get out there....and that it is not yet summer,
I am wearing jeans.
It's been freezing with south winds blowing right through me.
 We still get UV alerts though, it must be that hole in the ozone layer.

I think my scarecrow needs a new outfit
I saw one recently in a movie that swung in the breeze.
Maybe that would actually scare the rabbits.
They are out of control at the moment.
There are little long eared kittens everywhere.
Stella and Skittles enjoy the chase.
They get lucky occasionally.
Especially when they work together as a team