Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thursday's garden work day

I am lucky on Thursday's
My friend Pip comes to work for me
We make plants, sow seeds, pick flowers
Spring has increased the need for help, we are just keeping up
The photo's are all hers today

use as lettuce for a hot sandwich

We picked 5 buckets of flowers
They looked stunning all together,

The only problem with a worker that has a camera,
they can and do capture me at work.
Proof that I do get out there....and that it is not yet summer,
I am wearing jeans.
It's been freezing with south winds blowing right through me.
 We still get UV alerts though, it must be that hole in the ozone layer.

I think my scarecrow needs a new outfit
I saw one recently in a movie that swung in the breeze.
Maybe that would actually scare the rabbits.
They are out of control at the moment.
There are little long eared kittens everywhere.
Stella and Skittles enjoy the chase.
They get lucky occasionally.
Especially when they work together as a team


Annie said...

Good to see you in the garden Jayne

smartcat said...

Love the bounty and beauty of all those flowers. We are on the other side of the year swinging into Fall. I need and enjoy looking at all the down under blogs all winter....there is always summer somewhere

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Just lovely, but what grand purple lettuce you have!

Annie said...

Those purple daisies belong to cousin Ruth. I had a garden blitz at her place one day in the holidays. This time I definitely GOT the daffodils!