Monday, July 25, 2011

Pre-spring impatience

It is so cold nothing is growing.
I keep going down to the garden looking for a sign,
No Lilliums yet,
Skittles and I caught a rabbit the other day.
I had repaired a hole in the fence and discovered a tunnel from the forrest, under the camel walk and out into the garden. I sorted this out but unfortunately I trapped the mega rabbit inside the yard.
I worked this out when all my lettuce was eaten, I was on the war path.
I took Skittles with me and

Many lettuce will be saved as a result of this hunt.
I certainly played a part in the cornering of this fluffy feral pest, however,
I let Skittles enjoy the spoils all by herself.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I love making compost.
It's mind boggollingly easy for exceptional results.
It does help if you have your own chooks as their poo is simply the best compost activator.

I have my compost bays built big enough to have the bobcat as my chief turning tool.

I use the 3-1 recipe, that is 3wheelbarrow loads of dry material to 1 wheelbarrow load of poo.
Applied to the compost pile in layers. Wet each layer as it is placed on the pile.
This needs to be turned every 3 days for maximum composting.
If you follow the 3 day turning regime, it should be ready in about 6 weeks
My dry material is usually leaves, spoiled straw and hayand shredded paper.
Chook poo is my magic ingrediant. Once it is wet it is activated.
I avoid composting any weeds that might spoil the soil
because I use the finshed product for my market plants.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

100 Lilliums

I have been a bit busy getting ready for a delivery of 100 Lillium bulbs.
Had to create a new row.
That meant some serious digging and weeding.
The mesh is for a horizontal trellis to support the flower stems.
Luckily I had 9 star pickets to support the mesh.

I had to lay the dripper line before planting to be sure they would be watered evenly.
Tedious and time consuming....I just wanted to plant the bulbs.
I also want it to work.
I brought the bulbs down to the garden to inspire the work.

Remember the Rudbekia? 10 ft tall yellow explosion of colour.
It's dormant at the moment,
amazing contrast.
6 months ago