Thursday, July 7, 2011

100 Lilliums

I have been a bit busy getting ready for a delivery of 100 Lillium bulbs.
Had to create a new row.
That meant some serious digging and weeding.
The mesh is for a horizontal trellis to support the flower stems.
Luckily I had 9 star pickets to support the mesh.

I had to lay the dripper line before planting to be sure they would be watered evenly.
Tedious and time consuming....I just wanted to plant the bulbs.
I also want it to work.
I brought the bulbs down to the garden to inspire the work.

Remember the Rudbekia? 10 ft tall yellow explosion of colour.
It's dormant at the moment,
amazing contrast.
6 months ago


Annie said...

Wow, that's going to look fabulous!!!!

Annie said...

Those bulbs are so full of promise jayne . they should be wonderful in flower. The daffodils here in Ballarat are beginning to flower and look great in the suburbs. Annie has some at the front door and yellow jonquils at the side.Most of the gardens are fairly stark with deciduous trees We bought a tray of flowering polyanthus and shared them.I put some in pots for Marion to find when she comes home.Mum