Sunday, September 29, 2013

I worked it out!

I am excited
Seems like I finally worked out why my blog page was broken
Up grade to Google chrome and suddenly I can 

Justify, spell check, 
move around the page without depending on the 
up down arrows
I bet photos are even quicker to up load. Yes!
All my cries for help went un-noticed but...
I worked it out!

Spring is in full swing in the garden. 
I have picked many buckets of Rannnculi, 
these Larkspurs are the poor mans Delphinium.
Just breaking ground are the Dame Edna Gladdioli mix

Snap dragons for Lou! 
Some really nice colour combinations

 And then there is the fruit.
Loquats are looking good on these three year old trees

Mullberries, this is the Australian weeping variety
Two crops a year from this tree. 
The spring one is the best but there will be another around
Easter. I am going to freeze some and try Mullberry smoothies

This is my Farmer Brown view,
The rabbits break in from the forest and chew everything.
They like Ranunculi, Tiger lillies, Dahlias,
You name it, they like it, except weeds. 
They could have grown fat on clover......but no

Gillardias to finish off.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Out foxing the foxes

                                   We have been putting the sheep away every night.
                                  A small yard in the corner of the paddock has given
                                       protection for the mothers and young lambs.
                                         We also put on a flashing yellow light
                                             that friends refer to as the Disco.
                                   I don't have a photo but the larger lambs have taken
                                            to using the shade cloth cover as a trampoline.
                          They love it and run in there at night, straight to the trampoline,
                                        as you can imagine, they are wrecking it!      
                             Not only have we saved a lot of lambs, we have also saved
                                    the black gold, a bit smelly but steaming goodness
                                                           for the soil.
                        Initially I tried to move this beautiful stuff with a rake and shovel
                                        Not possible, so in with the bobcat
                             That too was a difficult job. I could pile it up near the pen
                                 but I needed help with getting it over to the compost
                             This tin has now been filled and settled and then filled again
                                       There is also pea straw and bedding straw
                              we put in their pen when it rained, fantastic prepared
                                                         compost ingredients.
                            I tried to photograph the rising steam but it sort of vanished
                             The compost was so hot it took just a couple of  weeks
                                                     to settle down to half full.
                                            I can't wait to use it on my new rows.

                                           In other news this flower is very unusual
                                         It is quite small, quite black and sometimes
                                         looked like a spider. It is some sort of Iris?
                                          It put on its best every display this year.
I have not been blogging much as my page is broken, can't us the cursor, can't access spell check, can't close post settings, have to use the up, down arrow to navigate the page. It has become very frustrating, If anyone knows how I can get Googles attention to fix this I would be most grateful as Blogging used to be it is getting just too hard.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to Broken Hill

Broken Hill Symposium sculpture's at sunset
on a Tuesday!
There were people every where.
Cameras, tripods, Artists and Grey nomads

This one's artsit statement says that only Fred Hollows
and the artist really knows what this is all about.

Silverton is an interesting Ghost town.
There used to be 10 hotels, 3 breweries, and a whole town full of people.
Now there are 5 or 6 Galleries and just the one pub
A museum and a caravan park.
We stayed at an old convent back in Broken Hill
Fantastic old place. Very comfortable

I was there for a Design conference
This is what they call the Studio
Hired to film companies for movie making.
Mad Max? was going to be filmed in Broken Hill recently 
but the desert was too green so they went to Africa
There has been many movies filmed in and around Broken Hill
Great weather, great light.
Vast expanses
There is another one of these buildings that has not been
cleaned up since the removal of the engines that made the power
that ran the mines.
These became obsolete when the town hooked into the grid.
Amazing huge spaces.
The sound echoed down the length of the building and then
like the ocean came back.
I loved the sound but it was distracting.
It sounded like the ocean to me.