Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to Broken Hill

Broken Hill Symposium sculpture's at sunset
on a Tuesday!
There were people every where.
Cameras, tripods, Artists and Grey nomads

This one's artsit statement says that only Fred Hollows
and the artist really knows what this is all about.

Silverton is an interesting Ghost town.
There used to be 10 hotels, 3 breweries, and a whole town full of people.
Now there are 5 or 6 Galleries and just the one pub
A museum and a caravan park.
We stayed at an old convent back in Broken Hill
Fantastic old place. Very comfortable

I was there for a Design conference
This is what they call the Studio
Hired to film companies for movie making.
Mad Max? was going to be filmed in Broken Hill recently 
but the desert was too green so they went to Africa
There has been many movies filmed in and around Broken Hill
Great weather, great light.
Vast expanses
There is another one of these buildings that has not been
cleaned up since the removal of the engines that made the power
that ran the mines.
These became obsolete when the town hooked into the grid.
Amazing huge spaces.
The sound echoed down the length of the building and then
like the ocean came back.
I loved the sound but it was distracting.
It sounded like the ocean to me.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

goodness, Australia is just so....different! funny, desert was too green, ha!

Annie said...

Heading my way any time soon, or is that it for your travels?