Monday, September 23, 2013

Out foxing the foxes

                                   We have been putting the sheep away every night.
                                  A small yard in the corner of the paddock has given
                                       protection for the mothers and young lambs.
                                         We also put on a flashing yellow light
                                             that friends refer to as the Disco.
                                   I don't have a photo but the larger lambs have taken
                                            to using the shade cloth cover as a trampoline.
                          They love it and run in there at night, straight to the trampoline,
                                        as you can imagine, they are wrecking it!      
                             Not only have we saved a lot of lambs, we have also saved
                                    the black gold, a bit smelly but steaming goodness
                                                           for the soil.
                        Initially I tried to move this beautiful stuff with a rake and shovel
                                        Not possible, so in with the bobcat
                             That too was a difficult job. I could pile it up near the pen
                                 but I needed help with getting it over to the compost
                             This tin has now been filled and settled and then filled again
                                       There is also pea straw and bedding straw
                              we put in their pen when it rained, fantastic prepared
                                                         compost ingredients.
                            I tried to photograph the rising steam but it sort of vanished
                             The compost was so hot it took just a couple of  weeks
                                                     to settle down to half full.
                                            I can't wait to use it on my new rows.

                                           In other news this flower is very unusual
                                         It is quite small, quite black and sometimes
                                         looked like a spider. It is some sort of Iris?
                                          It put on its best every display this year.
I have not been blogging much as my page is broken, can't us the cursor, can't access spell check, can't close post settings, have to use the up, down arrow to navigate the page. It has become very frustrating, If anyone knows how I can get Googles attention to fix this I would be most grateful as Blogging used to be it is getting just too hard.


Willow said...

Hurray for black gold ...we love it here !!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

LAMBS! :) hey, you have solar panels, nice....