Monday, February 8, 2016

Live dangerously

Live dangerously. 
Eat off hand made plates!

There is a different feel to eating when you use
hand made table ware.
I know I am biased but it is true.
This is my new glaze design which has me very excited.
I feel like I am making a political statement.
Took ages to work out how to recreate the accident,
then...would it work in white?
The answer is yes!
I could not resist glazing a green version.
The depth of green depends on how long, how thick.
Controlled random with fingers crossed!

These plates are perfect brunch plates,
for the person who 
wants to reduce their evening meal portions

These plates are not radioactive!


If it was a no nuclear statement
there would have to be a line through it.
This would muck up the symetry.......
so it is not happening.

I could not help myself and tried for the leopard print again.
Worked very well
Will there be a sense of eating off a furry surface?
I seriously hope not.