Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lucky she's cute!

Sunraysia Farmers Market yesterday morning.
The dogs have to be patient and wait till after the market for their daily walk.
The older ones are used to the routine but
Stella puppy struggles.

After market aftermath

I am not convinced she acted alone
I am sure a fabulous time was had by all
Nothing a rake and a few moments can't fix.
Lucky she's cute.

Its hard to get a good photo of them all at once.
Digital delay leaves many seconds for them to wander off, look the other way
or harangue the photographer.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More Farm Gate Gardens open day

It really was a beautiful garden.  

Many little garden rooms and plenty of bench seats scattered throughout.
Not much lawn....not enough for a family game of backyard cricket
the up side of that is not much lawn mowing

Perhaps just a bit too much decoration and little bits of this and that.
All in all there was something for every one.

 Lots of plants with the wow factor
It is easy to see why this plant is called the bird of paradise

These are from the same artists as the crazy birds. 

They tell me the duck is a new design.

  I am inspired to continue to work towards opening my garden to the general public.
I know I would like to see more vegetable gardening examples.
Open gardens are generally ornamental types.
Vegetable gardens can be very beautiful as well as useful.
I have to confess I have been slipping some flowers into the vege circles
I think luscious leafy green circles are impressive but the compliment of Asters around the edge just made the whole thing more impressive.
I sold many bunches of flowers from those Aster plants.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Farm Gate Gardens Open weekend

I am not fond of two day markets but the setting for this Cancer research fundraiser
was so beautiful I enjoyed having a stall.
We took the nursery section of our regular market stall.
There was a steady stream of garden lovers all day, many veteran green thumbs
and several fresh faced beginners who were full of anticipation 
We had many of the Salvias that featured in the garden for sale in 3 inch pots.
Anything that was flowering was popular.
I had small crimson chrysanthemums in flower, they were my best seller.
 There were some Garden Art people there with their creations
I am very fond of these crazy birds, bought one for my mother in law

 for her 80th last year
They have such quirky expressions
I was very pleased to have them guarding our plants over the weekend

 The garden is just like a 1/4 acre house block but seems much bigger.
Paths meander through many different garden rooms that are filled with points of interest.

OH & S spoils all the fun. The kids fort is now out of bounds

Loved the bird house village

This path leads to the cafe area, all under shade sails and filled with plants.

This is the vege garden section, a good lot of herbs but I would need more silverbeet
We set out our tins to make a rainbow, but difficult to get the full impact,
 it did make it easy to find the produce.
Having trouble uploading photos today so I will save some up for my next post

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Friday dust storm

Getting ready for the Saturday market.

Packing tins of plants

Its a constant game of memory, now where were those Oregano's?

Not too much Camel damage in the flower patch

Flowers all picked and ready to be bunched

I was so busy I didn't notice the storm rolling in.

The breeze was nice, blew some of the mosquitos away!
I did have to re-sleeve the flowers as they were all splatted with mallee dust.
Market was a huge success.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Camel in the vege patch

I was out in the garden to collect the eggs when
I noticed a huge hole in the edge of my fresh circle.
I started to curse the puppy thinking she had taken to burying that skull
she has been carting around.
 As I got closer it was a very neat hole
no evidence of any bones?
The garlic I planted in the centre of the circle has come up already.
There were several of these large holes and they seemed to be in some sort of order?
Camel foot prints, as large as dinner plates.
Winston must have decided to have a closer look at the garden.
When I looked about there was not much damage,
If he had been in there he did not touch the rocket or silver beet.
I should have put something to compare the footprint size. Dinner plate is quite accurate.
Later that day I actually caught him in there......couldn't find my camera but took a picture with the mobile phone. I can't seem to find the phone now?
 Lucky for me he was eating everything in my 2nd circle of circles which is all weeds this year.
Wow I got lucky. Next weekend is the biggest market of the year.
The last thing I need  is for a camel to eat all the leafy greens, herbs and flowers, which is what he did when he walked into the backyard a few years ago.
Needless to say I fixed the electric fence this afternoon. Fingers crossed it worked.
MS and I have been working on the house the last few weekends.
The cladding should have gone on years ago. You just can't rush these things.
The front door got a make over also. M's dad made the front door and it's original paint had all worn off.
 All the windows are getting the paint treatment. I felt like a new home owner.
20 + yrs late with that feeling. Shame I am not steady on a ladder anymore.
This next bit is my favourite as it never even had any cement sheet and was a spider haven.
I really hated it. Now I am really impressed, every time I go through the back door.
 There is a cap for the corner....Yet to be secured, waiting for the last of the ripple iron to go on.

Backyard is a bit of an OH&S nightmare at the moment.
Might be the motivating factor to complete the job. Easter is coming so there will be time to finish.
After the market that is.