Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's definately summer!

Very hot today. 43 degrees C. I watered in preparation for the heat but have not ventured out to check for damage. The most vulnerable will be the pots, and seedlings. Everything was still alive when I hand watered this morning.
I must install a watering system to save time and improve efficiency. Its a big ask to get someone to look after all the plants if we go away. Thanks Fiona!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Where do I start? 3rd time lucky!

I do love  before and after look at a space I found it hard to reposition myself for this shot.
The scarecrow was the reference point. It is now just 3 months on and we have had well above average rainfall.

Every thing is growing at an amazing rate. I am dwarfed by the artichokes on the right. We have been eating the 'fat hen' (centre) in our leafy green salads. Its thriving and deserves to be honoured in a good salad. I have been side tracked from the garden with the moving of the Mildura Pottery Club.
We have worked out of this room for about 10 years and many things have accumulated in that time. It was hard to be ruthless in the pack up and many memories were tossed in the bin, with a last sigh of remembrance. I had forgotten a few names, but I did remember some very good times. And some very good work.
I had to fire the kiln one last time before it was all packed up and shipped out. The wood turners had already begun to dismantle the shed. At the time the photo was taken, we had 7 days to vacate, now we have just 3 days remaining.
The shipping container arrives tomorrow.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Food, Forrest, Farming and Pottery Too

hello, welcome to my new blog! I am a gardener come teacher come potter come farmer.

I have a plant nursery and chooks, dogs, a cat and I love my camels.
This is my dog, Sheila.
My cat, Nipper,
My chooks and vegie garden, in a dismal winter state
and my new dog, Skittles.