Saturday, December 19, 2015

Flowers in a heat wave.

These Lilliums got burnt while they were in bud
during the first heat wave.
Crispy edges saved them from going to market.

First sun flower for the season.
I am a fan!

Lions tail is a South African shrub
It is not fazed  by the heat,
the flowers last well in the vase too.

The corn flowers got 
too big for themselves and flopped over filling the
center of this circle...snap dragons
having a second flush.
There is some basil in this circle also.
Mum gave me some special sunflower seeds,
they are surrounding this garden
....nearly ready to harvest

 The Ixias are long finished and not too
many Lilliums left in this bed.
 The feral rabbits destroyed about 80 bulbs...
With the forest so close, this is my 
Farmer Brown section!
As you can see, the garden
 comes right up to the edge of the forest we planted in

I was trying to capture the paddock sprinklers
It is pretty dry out there...
amazing to have any grass left after this heat wave.
Day 4 of this latest heat wave.
I will be staying inside with the cooler on.
4 days over 40 degrees is a marathon...
a cool change is expected this evening

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Leopard print glaze

A student experimented with
Tenmoku and Satin white.
Her results were 
gold spots on a black brown background.
I mentioned this to Caroline 
who decided to recreate the combination.
I got very excited when I opened the kiln today,
Leopard skin glaze!
I am going to try this too.
Thanks Amy Duke for the inspiration,
Thanks Caroline for your curiosity.

The second experiment was a success but
did not propel me to try. 

Tenmoku, Hyacinth blue and Satin white.  
It did run a bit even though 
I scraped off some before I loaded the kiln.

Perhaps it is my preference for warm colours.
Well done Caroline!
You have two beautiful bowls to collect.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas is coming

I want to rotate the photo
 but havent worked out how to do that
 on the new device.
The new new device because I dropped the first one!
It did not respond well to the concrete floor.

These stars are fantastic if i may say so.
A special little punch. Fiddly to clean up.
There will be three sizes at the market on Saturday

These are the baubles
Some with a message and some plain

Mostly red and green
But some blue, aqua.....

Come to the market and have a look.
Jaycee Park