Sunday, December 13, 2015

Leopard print glaze

A student experimented with
Tenmoku and Satin white.
Her results were 
gold spots on a black brown background.
I mentioned this to Caroline 
who decided to recreate the combination.
I got very excited when I opened the kiln today,
Leopard skin glaze!
I am going to try this too.
Thanks Amy Duke for the inspiration,
Thanks Caroline for your curiosity.

The second experiment was a success but
did not propel me to try. 

Tenmoku, Hyacinth blue and Satin white.  
It did run a bit even though 
I scraped off some before I loaded the kiln.

Perhaps it is my preference for warm colours.
Well done Caroline!
You have two beautiful bowls to collect.


Annie said...

I want to come to your pottery class!

catherine roberts said...

wow they look great but the blue is my pick

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH MY!!!!! Don't you just love pottery?!