Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gall wasps

I was indignant the other day when a news report
attributed the increase of gall wasps in the community

to back yard fruit growers neglecting to control their trees.
I thought that's right blame the home grower...
then I thought I should check my lemon tree
 which is a common host  plant.

Oh dear
evidence of gall wasp.
 It is easy to control, just prune out the galls

There was quite a few on our little tree
as you can see I had not picked all the fruit for some time.

I had to cut many branches 

but to be honest I think the tree will benefit from this hair cut.

Citrus likes well drained soil 
so they have always struggled in our heavy clay.

This is the best lemon tree we have grown so far. 
I had to save it from the wasps
Gall wasps are Australian native wasps. 
I wonder what they laid their eggs in before citrus arrived in Australia?
The roof of the studio went on this week.
I am getting excited now!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Home grown honey

How exciting

Michaal raided her bees for the honey.

She got heaps of honey and was quick to share with us.

It is light, sweet, beautiful
There is some honeycomb in the jar too.
I had to have toast for breakfast this morning to try it out.
Very nice!
She is playing with label ideas and given her surname is Fletcher
it is no wonder the arrow is making an appearance.
In other news these Labradors continue to do the double decker dog thing

I thought they might grow out of the habit as Stella got bigger
Thanks to Skittles good nature the chair sharing continues.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New studio on the way

It has been a long time coming but
today is the day.
The new studio roof is going up.

8m x 9m
It will take some time before any equipment can be put in there.

Have to do some fundraising for a concrete floor.

The pottery club has applied for some grants 
but there has been no good news to date.
Fingers crossed.
This may be my last Mud Colony blog post.
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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last week we had a wind storm
Strong winds, mini tornadoes so the paper said. 
I heard one gust coming...for ages...a loud growl
growing louder as it approached.
I was quite relieved when the roof stayed on the house.
I was quite disappointed in the morning to see 
the wind had blown the head off my camel sculpture.
I now have a 3D camel jigsaw puzzle.

On a much happier note
My sister in law found this plate for me.
It is beautiful and in perfect condition and it has camels on it.
It will be a major addition to my collection.

I am not up with antiques and do not know much about
Royal Staffordshire Pottery? Or how to read those numbers in red.
It's value to me is the camels and the thoughtful find by my sister in law.
Thanks Mitzi!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

In the studio this week

This was a tea pot I made some time ago
In its raw state it all looked good
I decided to glaze it with the traditional
I did not fire it with the lid on as I am always
worried that I will never get it off again
But the lid and pot warped and it never did
go on again as well
I have used a Dremel like tool to grind the lid a little.

It took me a bit of time as I didn't want to go in too hard
Now it fits
There is no need to make a new top for a new bottom
Thank goodness
In other studio news
I have been making mugs.
I often run out of time to attach handles
before the whole lot dries too much
I always forget to take my camera to pottery.
Lets hope there are no fine cracks after bisque firing.
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