Thursday, October 3, 2013

In the studio this week

This was a tea pot I made some time ago
In its raw state it all looked good
I decided to glaze it with the traditional
I did not fire it with the lid on as I am always
worried that I will never get it off again
But the lid and pot warped and it never did
go on again as well
I have used a Dremel like tool to grind the lid a little.

It took me a bit of time as I didn't want to go in too hard
Now it fits
There is no need to make a new top for a new bottom
Thank goodness
In other studio news
I have been making mugs.
I often run out of time to attach handles
before the whole lot dries too much
I always forget to take my camera to pottery.
Lets hope there are no fine cracks after bisque firing.
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Annie said...

This pottery business is a bit like farming, depending on the weather . . . in the kiln. Today is the FIRST day it's not windy, so after morning jobs, I'm heading out into the garden.

smartcat said...

What did potters do Before Dremel? Isn't satisfying to fix a problem without having to get too complicated? And you got a good looking teapot too!
You are not the only one to have the optimum time pass for attaching handles. Tea bowls and tumblers here we come!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

of all the people who know your work, maybe I AM the most excited to see your cute teapot :) NICE!

Caroline said...

Flowers from the market look great in a vase at home!