Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016 Flood

Just 2 days before the peak is expected,
For those of you familiar with the Mildura Ski Club 
this will give you an idea of how high the river is.
Richards pump will just stay dry we believe.
Normally 2 tiered lawn area and then down to a beach...
of variable width based on river height.

The river is flowing very fast, 
a family of ducks were struggling to stay near the shore 
but far enough away from the dogs.

These house boasts are now floating over the beach.
I am still quietly confident it wont breach the property.
We are as ready as we can be...except the sand bags.

we have loads of loam.....
and there are some bags in the shed somewhere.
Today is the first day over 40 degrees C
and it isnt even Summer yet.
A few drops of rain are coming down now...
big and loud on our tin roof.
The district experienced a storm which included a tornado, a week ago,
 so today's thunder storm will make few people very nervous.
More likely a dry electrical storm which will start bushfires.
Like I said, very nervous.
I just heard some hail...Oh dear.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It all happening here...

A friend found a photo from Sunraysia Daily archives
This was the last big flood here.

Sharmo called around today and I tried to receate the photo.
I asked them to sit but this is all I got!

Amazing how many years have gone by.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spring 2016

 Spring sure did!
A strange winter with regular rain 
not a lot but average...nearly
 until this last weather event which delivered 73 ml's in just 4 days.
That's 3 months worth of rain
Strong winds is an understatement.

Luckily the flowers survived.
This row smells divine.
Freesias, great colour. 
I have been making posies, they have been popular. 

I wish Rannuculi grew all year round.
Would that spoil their splendor?
I am looking forward to these Lillies, 
the wind was a worry but they handled it. 
The dogs are also a worry here. 
Luca "popped his cork" here the other day 
rushing around madly with dangerous twists and turns...
turns out he had dug up one of the lillies during his crazed run.
Dutch Iris were splendid.
I have light blue, dark blue, purple, yellow and white.
These are all from bulbs......but
 I also have a yellow iris that has a very similar flower.
Its a rizome not a bulb.
A few years ago I collected the seed from these yellow flowers
It looked like a corn cob.....the seeds were plump like fresh peas
but I got busy, they dried out, I put them in a seed tray and left them in the nursery.
I have weeded that tray many times. Nearly threw the lot accidently. I was amazed to see they have developed.

Unfortunately yellow is not a popular colour.
A bunch of 5 of these blooms for $7 and there were no takers.
That rain event has produced a flood that
 will get here in a few weeks time......
I am a bit worried about the garden but 
there is nothing I can do about it. 
Fingers crossed it is not as bad as the media is making out!
Meanwhile my slow food mug order is due.
I am nervously counting and doing some quality control.
I think I have enough and it is too late now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A bit of fun at the market

A few weeks ago a film crew arrived at the market.
I had never heard of the tv show "Whats up Australia"
They interviewed their way around the market stalls.
Jokey blokes... 
It is a 4wd and caravaning camping touring type show.
A pottery mum sent me my snippet.......

This doesnt look like a link....
Now it does!
Oh well if your really keen on some Australian travel tv you'll find it.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

100 snails.

It has been really busy in the pottery room.
Kids  classes, daytime adults, members 
and a beginners short course.
The kilns have been busy too with 
lots of work going through.
I have been working on a big order.
A bit daunting really and 
thankfully I have until October to get them all done.

100 mugs
Slow food mugs

Each with the slow food snail logo 
applied from a stamp I made,
then hand painted red 
and glazed with satin white

There are mugs everywhere.
Every shelf, every broccoli box and some in the fridge.

I had to remember to keep up 
with some mugs for my market stall.
I got sidetracked with some red clay and a white snail
Off task with some 
press mould bowls 
and the slow food snail.

This is totally off course...Egyptian paste beads.

Friday, July 22, 2016

2016 Busy year

I have been too busy for blogging
This year the pottery has become busy day and night.
A new bulb section in  my flower growing paddock.

Spring will be beautiful here.
These bulbs were planted some years ago, thanks Lou!

I didnt get to weed this circle before 
they began to emerge.
I have parsley as a weed here but clover is clever.

New night pen for the sheep, on higher ground....
The temporary shelter has been battered by the wind.
The last storm destroyed it but MS put it back together.
I will have to go and straighten it up after last nights storm.
They are happy to be let out in the mornings.
I give them a different paddock every few days.

Set of twins born during last nights storm.
Lets hope they hang around the night pen for the day.

All the existing rows need to be weeded regularly.
I have been fertilizing with sheep poo!
A few sheep broke in to this section and free fertilized 
until they were rounded up and removed.

Romanesco broccoli...beautiful looking vegetable.
I think of it as Cosmic cauliflower.
The little florets look like Thai temples.

Jonquils everywhere.
Spring is just around the corner.