Friday, July 22, 2016

2016 Busy year

I have been too busy for blogging
This year the pottery has become busy day and night.
A new bulb section in  my flower growing paddock.

Spring will be beautiful here.
These bulbs were planted some years ago, thanks Lou!

I didnt get to weed this circle before 
they began to emerge.
I have parsley as a weed here but clover is clever.

New night pen for the sheep, on higher ground....
The temporary shelter has been battered by the wind.
The last storm destroyed it but MS put it back together.
I will have to go and straighten it up after last nights storm.
They are happy to be let out in the mornings.
I give them a different paddock every few days.

Set of twins born during last nights storm.
Lets hope they hang around the night pen for the day.

All the existing rows need to be weeded regularly.
I have been fertilizing with sheep poo!
A few sheep broke in to this section and free fertilized 
until they were rounded up and removed.

Romanesco broccoli...beautiful looking vegetable.
I think of it as Cosmic cauliflower.
The little florets look like Thai temples.

Jonquils everywhere.
Spring is just around the corner.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

So many beautiful sights!

smartcat said...

Great photos! Broccoli Romanesco is a great favorite of mine. It's so fractal!
Are you going to show us some pots?

Anna said...

lovely bulbs... I don't have the right place for them here plus being near the coast (well half an hours drive) they don't thrive so much.

Annie said...

Lovely to see what you've been up to. Tried to ring earlier today - sorry I missed you yesterday. It's been a busy weekend here too.

WJB said...

GreAt to see your bulbs flowering Jayne and to see that the little lambs have some protection from the storms and the foxes.

Michelle José said...

It is all looking so wonderful. I love all of the pottery, especially your Slow Food Mugs!