Sunday, July 31, 2016

100 snails.

It has been really busy in the pottery room.
Kids  classes, daytime adults, members 
and a beginners short course.
The kilns have been busy too with 
lots of work going through.
I have been working on a big order.
A bit daunting really and 
thankfully I have until October to get them all done.

100 mugs
Slow food mugs

Each with the slow food snail logo 
applied from a stamp I made,
then hand painted red 
and glazed with satin white

There are mugs everywhere.
Every shelf, every broccoli box and some in the fridge.

I had to remember to keep up 
with some mugs for my market stall.
I got sidetracked with some red clay and a white snail
Off task with some 
press mould bowls 
and the slow food snail.

This is totally off course...Egyptian paste beads.


Anna said...

looks like you are well underway with your mugs - so easy to get side tracked :)

smartcat said...

The mugs look great! How did you make the stamp?
So many busy days; going a little off track can be good for creativity!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh those snail mugs are just the BEST :)