Monday, March 31, 2014


 There was something not quite right about the chook house 
when I went to collect the eggs last night.
Then there were chooks running everywhere...
That's when I noticed the angle it was on...
Reminded me of Dorothy and Toto but there had been no Tornado
But there had been a large tree...Black box

It became obvious the tree had split in half and fallen.
Smashing into the fence and lifting the chook house off the ground.

 It smashed into the next fence too.
I think it is about a years worth of timber for our fire.
Not this year though.

It is a large limb.

 The roots were inside the house and have lifted the structure.

It has made quite a mess and I have had to lock the chickens
in the other side, lucky there is a second side to this arrangement.
Hopefully the  fox doesn't get wind of this as
 I have patched the holes with cardboard, just for now.
I don't know what I am going to do about all this.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cups and mugs

I have been making some cups and mugs lately.
I do enjoy throwing pots on the wheel.

I prepared the clay balls to be all the same size, 500 g
trying to make the same sized mugs and cups.
They did turn out about the same size but...not perfect. 
Fired weight ends up approx 340 g

I am no machine! The difference in sizes actually assists
with this stack factor in my handle-less mugs
Great for hot or cold drinks!

I did get the handles on before they dried out too much.
This is something I have struggled with over the years.
I get distracted with helping the students and 
forget the projects I am working on.

 Not this time! Handle-less mugs are easier 
and they feel good in the hand.

This is a breakfast set. The bowl easily holds several wheetbix.
Not big enough for a teenage boy, but plenty big enough for me.
This is the device that changed my life.
Prior to installing this I had to travel to the kiln 
every 2 hours during weekend firing.
Just to turn the dial a fraction.
When the kiln was at MADEC it was 65 km's per firing.
Not to mention the entire day driving back and forth.
There are 8 different firing schedules programmed into this box,
Including one for slumping glass.
Best thing I ever bought.

Friday, March 21, 2014

New beach at Ski Club

 There's now a new beach at the Mildura Ski Club
The old retaining wall has been removed and
heaps of sand leads down to the river.
The dogs and I walk here every morning.
They have a swim, this is as far out that Shelia goes.
Her swimming is sitting down in this depth.
When a boat goes past, it washes her with their wake.

There is no-one on skis behind the boat this morning, 
I wonder where they are off to?
It is a beautiful Autumn morning.
Still shorts weather but a light jumper is required.
 I noticed these in the paddock
Shame they are a noxious weed, as they are beautiful.
 The seed pods are interesting.
All of these plants are self sown and will have to be removed
before they set heaps of seed for next year.
I have grown some Cherry Rudbeckia from seed.
Nervous to plant them out in the paddock in case I lose them 
they have been nurtured in the nursery.
But there comes  time when I have to take the risk.

I had a whole tray of I have half a circle of them

I do hope they thrive out here.
My last lot had fab flowers but did not survive into the second year
despite being a perennial.
Was it the frost?
Lack of water at times?
Heavy clay soil?
My biggest danger now is killing them with love.
They got a coffee grounds booster this morning,
will that perk them up or turn up their toes?
I will have to keep an eye on them,
 like Winston keeps an eye on us on our walk.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

After school kids pottery

This is definitely the best part of my working week.
I just love after school classes,
encouraging young people to enjoy and embrace their creativity.

Amilia is my youngest student
who started classes at the beginning of this year.
She is completing a set of bowl and cup (wheel thrown)
with a rabbit image, on a hand made plate I
 would have included an image of the wheel thrown items but the   kiln was a bit too hot 
when we got to class 
We have a student contributed ideas book
that is referred to when required and today was one of those days.

Making a favourite animal is important

and the teacher was a bit distracted
with Sasha on the wheel for just the second time.

She did a great job, a few misses
but there are three pots to clean up next week.

Her brother was busy making and alien,

I love this image when a little arm comes into the frame
and removes the yellow under glaze.

To celebrate some adult students,
Jennifer has excelled with this firing.
She is more comfortable with low firing
but she has excelled with this foray into
Giving the experience of clay to my students is definitely the best part of my week.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Buttons and Blooms

What is it about Sunflowers that make them
a must have bunch for some women.

I have regular sunflower customers.
Some admit picking them 
from the wild plants on the sides of the road.

I give them the tip of longevity in the vase, slicing up the stem
this allows the flower to drink enough water.

Shasta daisy has a similar flower but 

does not have the same attraction or reaction.

Still blooming are my Cornflowers.
Planted very late in the season. I must get them in earlier next year

Lime green Zinnias

These Cosmos are as tall as me!
Some of the plants flowered just after I planted them.
These have held off till Autumn. 
I wonder if they will be orange like the others?

In the studio I have been making buttons

They are fiddly but the result is bright and shiny
To give you an idea of the size of the buttons, 
I lined them up with some coins
I will have to make a garment that needs buttons!
Planning to sell them in sets of six or should it just be pairs?

I think they would make great shirt buttons.
I wonder if anyone would be interested in hand made buttons?