Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cups and mugs

I have been making some cups and mugs lately.
I do enjoy throwing pots on the wheel.

I prepared the clay balls to be all the same size, 500 g
trying to make the same sized mugs and cups.
They did turn out about the same size but...not perfect. 
Fired weight ends up approx 340 g

I am no machine! The difference in sizes actually assists
with this stack factor in my handle-less mugs
Great for hot or cold drinks!

I did get the handles on before they dried out too much.
This is something I have struggled with over the years.
I get distracted with helping the students and 
forget the projects I am working on.

 Not this time! Handle-less mugs are easier 
and they feel good in the hand.

This is a breakfast set. The bowl easily holds several wheetbix.
Not big enough for a teenage boy, but plenty big enough for me.
This is the device that changed my life.
Prior to installing this I had to travel to the kiln 
every 2 hours during weekend firing.
Just to turn the dial a fraction.
When the kiln was at MADEC it was 65 km's per firing.
Not to mention the entire day driving back and forth.
There are 8 different firing schedules programmed into this box,
Including one for slumping glass.
Best thing I ever bought.


Annie said...

I like the handle less mugs

Gary's third pottery blog said...

sweeet glazing too!

Locket Pocket said...

Hello, Annie sent me to visit you as my children and I have just been having our first adventures with pottery! I would love to be an accomplished potter like you - I love your glazes. Lucy

catherine roberts said...

The breakfast set is gorgeous,and Im still in love with your buttons lol

Sue said...

Love the breckie set and the size of the bowls, bowls are ridiculously large these days, looks like the perfect size to me!