Monday, March 31, 2014


 There was something not quite right about the chook house 
when I went to collect the eggs last night.
Then there were chooks running everywhere...
That's when I noticed the angle it was on...
Reminded me of Dorothy and Toto but there had been no Tornado
But there had been a large tree...Black box

It became obvious the tree had split in half and fallen.
Smashing into the fence and lifting the chook house off the ground.

 It smashed into the next fence too.
I think it is about a years worth of timber for our fire.
Not this year though.

It is a large limb.

 The roots were inside the house and have lifted the structure.

It has made quite a mess and I have had to lock the chickens
in the other side, lucky there is a second side to this arrangement.
Hopefully the  fox doesn't get wind of this as
 I have patched the holes with cardboard, just for now.
I don't know what I am going to do about all this.


Annie said...

Oh dear... I bet the chooks got a big fright. Now you and Fiona have had a big tree down. Planning on a visit ...maybe next week.

Anna said...

I hope you know someone with a large chain saw! There have been so many large trees or branching coming down in our area.. sad for the birds and animals -- glad it wasn't your house ..

Sue said...

Oh dear, lucky no chook casualties! Nice wood for craft too.