Thursday, March 6, 2014

Buttons and Blooms

What is it about Sunflowers that make them
a must have bunch for some women.

I have regular sunflower customers.
Some admit picking them 
from the wild plants on the sides of the road.

I give them the tip of longevity in the vase, slicing up the stem
this allows the flower to drink enough water.

Shasta daisy has a similar flower but 

does not have the same attraction or reaction.

Still blooming are my Cornflowers.
Planted very late in the season. I must get them in earlier next year

Lime green Zinnias

These Cosmos are as tall as me!
Some of the plants flowered just after I planted them.
These have held off till Autumn. 
I wonder if they will be orange like the others?

In the studio I have been making buttons

They are fiddly but the result is bright and shiny
To give you an idea of the size of the buttons, 
I lined them up with some coins
I will have to make a garment that needs buttons!
Planning to sell them in sets of six or should it just be pairs?

I think they would make great shirt buttons.
I wonder if anyone would be interested in hand made buttons?


catherine roberts said...

Oh two of my (many ) fav things Sunflowers and buttons,love your hand made so colorful buttons,not sure which are the bestest but bein gon a orange run Ill stick with that one one!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

sunflowers are my favorite :) btw, thanks for comments--we have great summers and I dunno, as far as winters go, many people have it much colder and snowier than us! you may like my blog post today, very arctic looking!

Annie said...

Beautiful Flowers...lovely buttons...clever girl!