Friday, March 21, 2014

New beach at Ski Club

 There's now a new beach at the Mildura Ski Club
The old retaining wall has been removed and
heaps of sand leads down to the river.
The dogs and I walk here every morning.
They have a swim, this is as far out that Shelia goes.
Her swimming is sitting down in this depth.
When a boat goes past, it washes her with their wake.

There is no-one on skis behind the boat this morning, 
I wonder where they are off to?
It is a beautiful Autumn morning.
Still shorts weather but a light jumper is required.
 I noticed these in the paddock
Shame they are a noxious weed, as they are beautiful.
 The seed pods are interesting.
All of these plants are self sown and will have to be removed
before they set heaps of seed for next year.
I have grown some Cherry Rudbeckia from seed.
Nervous to plant them out in the paddock in case I lose them 
they have been nurtured in the nursery.
But there comes  time when I have to take the risk.

I had a whole tray of I have half a circle of them

I do hope they thrive out here.
My last lot had fab flowers but did not survive into the second year
despite being a perennial.
Was it the frost?
Lack of water at times?
Heavy clay soil?
My biggest danger now is killing them with love.
They got a coffee grounds booster this morning,
will that perk them up or turn up their toes?
I will have to keep an eye on them,
 like Winston keeps an eye on us on our walk.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

haha, you walk past a camel, down the street? Oh my, what an exotic place :)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Your new beach looks nice.

I hope your rudbekia make it.

I know you like camels, does this one belong to you?

Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

Annie said...

That weed is beautiful

smartcat said...

How lovely, strange and wonderful to walk by a camel named Winston.
Is the plant Jimson Weed-Angel's Trumpet? I grow them in several varieties as an annual.
So far it's been a very cool spring.

Caroline said...

Winston is so cute Jayne!