Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Floor action

I am a bit excited.
The floor is being laid.
Small steps forward on a big job.
Now I can start dreaming of walls. 

 This rain dumped 8 ml's in 8 minutes.
What a down pour.
The Lycoris look good, 
some people refer to them as Yellow Nerines.
There are many Salvias  flowering at the moment,
Phyllis Fancy

 Very pretty with the purple stem and blush on the caylix
I have it growing next to a Salvia called Ripe Raspberry.
They are such good performers, hardy and heaps of colour.

The Basil is still going well, I will have to freeze some for 
winter flavour.
Freezing keeps better flavour than drying.
Fairy rain today, I don't think I will get wet weeding.
Best I get out there and get on with it!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

What a pretty garden :) I got some herb seeds, basil included, to plant soon ourselves! I just posted pics around my parents' farm, they live about an hour from us near Ithaca...most of the snow is gone....long winter this year :)

Annie said...

That's so exciting Jayne! Looking forward to seeing it for real.

Sue said...

Beautiful Salvia, is that concrete getting laid for the chickens?