Saturday, November 19, 2016

It all happening here...

A friend found a photo from Sunraysia Daily archives
This was the last big flood here.

Sharmo called around today and I tried to receate the photo.
I asked them to sit but this is all I got!

Amazing how many years have gone by.


Annie said...

That's fantastic Jayne - yes the years have gone by. I couldn't believe you had been married 25 years. It was great to see you the other weekend - wish we'd had longer together. I could talk to you all day. Open garden yesterday and all went well. Mum singing in her choir today at another open garden so we went along to that too. Great weather for it.

Wjb said...

I remember that big flood Jayne. Thank goodness it didn't rise as high this year. I was worried for your garden and yourselves.