Monday, October 28, 2013

Home grown honey

How exciting

Michaal raided her bees for the honey.

She got heaps of honey and was quick to share with us.

It is light, sweet, beautiful
There is some honeycomb in the jar too.
I had to have toast for breakfast this morning to try it out.
Very nice!
She is playing with label ideas and given her surname is Fletcher
it is no wonder the arrow is making an appearance.
In other news these Labradors continue to do the double decker dog thing

I thought they might grow out of the habit as Stella got bigger
Thanks to Skittles good nature the chair sharing continues.


Annie said...

That honey looks delicious! Yum yum

smartcat said...

The Double-Deckers are sweet and hysterical!
There is nothing quite like local honey. My favorite is the bee-keepr who has hives in wild flowers between a road and river. The sign reads CAUTION! HONEY BEES AT WORK!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh such sweet dogs :)