Sunday, April 15, 2012

Farm Gate Gardens Open weekend

I am not fond of two day markets but the setting for this Cancer research fundraiser
was so beautiful I enjoyed having a stall.
We took the nursery section of our regular market stall.
There was a steady stream of garden lovers all day, many veteran green thumbs
and several fresh faced beginners who were full of anticipation 
We had many of the Salvias that featured in the garden for sale in 3 inch pots.
Anything that was flowering was popular.
I had small crimson chrysanthemums in flower, they were my best seller.
 There were some Garden Art people there with their creations
I am very fond of these crazy birds, bought one for my mother in law

 for her 80th last year
They have such quirky expressions
I was very pleased to have them guarding our plants over the weekend

 The garden is just like a 1/4 acre house block but seems much bigger.
Paths meander through many different garden rooms that are filled with points of interest.

OH & S spoils all the fun. The kids fort is now out of bounds

Loved the bird house village

This path leads to the cafe area, all under shade sails and filled with plants.

This is the vege garden section, a good lot of herbs but I would need more silverbeet
We set out our tins to make a rainbow, but difficult to get the full impact,
 it did make it easy to find the produce.
Having trouble uploading photos today so I will save some up for my next post


Gary's third pottery blog said...

The scrap metal sculptures are fantastic indeed! let me tell you how I do the glazing you asked about (and I do not share my secrets with just anybody!) the areas that get all wild have a second glaze brushed on. The second glaze will have a lot of titanium dioxide in it or rutile and then with the glaze firing I hold the temp once it reaches the max for 60 minutes, which helps the tit. diox. develop crystals ;)

Annie said...

That open garden looked spectacular, and I love the look of your stall. Wish I could have been there.