Monday, July 25, 2011

Pre-spring impatience

It is so cold nothing is growing.
I keep going down to the garden looking for a sign,
No Lilliums yet,
Skittles and I caught a rabbit the other day.
I had repaired a hole in the fence and discovered a tunnel from the forrest, under the camel walk and out into the garden. I sorted this out but unfortunately I trapped the mega rabbit inside the yard.
I worked this out when all my lettuce was eaten, I was on the war path.
I took Skittles with me and

Many lettuce will be saved as a result of this hunt.
I certainly played a part in the cornering of this fluffy feral pest, however,
I let Skittles enjoy the spoils all by herself.


Annie said...

Well done Mr Mcgregor

Annie said...

Granny says good dog skittles. The lilliums were all peeping through the ground at Lambleys nursery the other day. Yours wont be long !