Monday, August 1, 2011

Preparing for spring

I am trying to be in front for spring.
I have sown flowers
and veg
Spring begins in 4 weeks
Today is forecast to be 24 degrees C so it is beginning to warm up.

These are Romanesco Broccoli seedlings, otherwise known as "Cosmic Cauliflower" .
The most amazing looking vegetable!
Next to them are some corn flowers
How's this for a determined plant.
It is growing through a nail hole in the recycled tin. Evening primrose, the true one that flowers in the moonlight and emits a delightful scent. This retaining wall is holding up my circle gardens, it is where I got the original dirt to raise the beds above flood level.
Capsicums, Corriander, Love in the mist, Corn flowers, Polka dots, Parsley, Silverbeet, Spring onions, Marjoram and Dill & Thyme, just to name a few varieties.
I went and checked the Lilliums this morning.
Still no sign of them.
Oh well.


Annie said...

Alll looking good Jayne. Mum and Fiona went to Lambly yesterday and they saw rows of lilliums . Fiona heading home this am after morning coffee. We saw Ruth last night at a Make A Wish event. It was the voice of Blinky Bill.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jayne finally found your blog so hope u get this comment
You seem just a tad busy...i thought weeding my vegie patch (tiny) and 3 hrs in the garden this week was good till i spotted what u are doing
yikes.....its just great
not to mention michaels quince cooking..yum happy spring cousin denise