Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I love making compost.
It's mind boggollingly easy for exceptional results.
It does help if you have your own chooks as their poo is simply the best compost activator.

I have my compost bays built big enough to have the bobcat as my chief turning tool.

I use the 3-1 recipe, that is 3wheelbarrow loads of dry material to 1 wheelbarrow load of poo.
Applied to the compost pile in layers. Wet each layer as it is placed on the pile.
This needs to be turned every 3 days for maximum composting.
If you follow the 3 day turning regime, it should be ready in about 6 weeks
My dry material is usually leaves, spoiled straw and hayand shredded paper.
Chook poo is my magic ingrediant. Once it is wet it is activated.
I avoid composting any weeds that might spoil the soil
because I use the finshed product for my market plants.

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