Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rhubarb flower

I have not been very successful growing rhubarb over the last couple of years
I got annoyed and moved the crowns this year
For the first time ever I have picked several bunches.
7 out of the 8 crowns moved have flourished
1 decided to flower!
Spring is here and the weeds are springing out of the ground
faster than I can pull them out.
 Dare I stand back and admire a weed free circle cause they will be back thicker,
stronger and more smothering before I can pat myself on the back.
The banksia rose that grows over this arch has been spectacular.
I have snow drifts of yellow petals all around the back door, in the hall way, bathroom....
It has been so beautiful and at times it looks like
a mop of yellow hair with the windows being the eyes and the door for a nose.
This next image does not quite tell that story.
I have to warn the family about the next image.
Dad died a couple of years ago and he has been on my mind a lot lately.
This photo was taken at my aunts funeral where they gave us champagne to sip whilst releasing balloons.
Was it circus or big band music that was played?


Annie said...

Our dear dad, love seeing his arms around you. I think of him nearly every day, and hear him in my thoughts, sometimes even in my words. I love him and miss him so much, as I know you do too.

Mitzi said...

Our Dads were such a huge part of our lives .. the space left without them is unable to be filled, a special place in our hearts for them alone. Oh ... and I found the spot to comment!!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh my....your spring and our impending winter, sheesh :)

smartcat said...

What a great photo of you and your dad!
Ah rhubarb! Some say it will grow anywhere like a wee. Not so much....I still can't get it to take here.....maybe next year!
Keep those pictures of spring into summer.....they help keep me going through winter.