Friday, October 26, 2012

Our local Agricultural Show was on last week
I always enter Pottery Club members work for fun
We had quite a few wins
The kids love it
Corey was inspired by an image in one of our books.
We refer to it as a shell but it can double as a marble mountain.
I gave all the other kids pots back before I borrowed Mums camera
The adults did very well also
Its interesting how many Jane's we have at pottery
3 potters and one pottery mum
We have a Jay also
Must be a creative name?
 This character is called Fred, his partner Mabel was a bit riske for the show
He has a face book page I believe, if you want to check out their beach holiday...
It must have been Maslins beach!
These were my prize pots.
First and second and not a camel in sight which surprised most members.


Annie said...

That is amazing Jayne. I have to get busy and get my school kids organised to do handwriting for the Ballarat Show.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh I just LOVE that pig!