Monday, September 24, 2012


The other morning when I got up,
I couldn't see the black puppy Stella.
She blends very well with Skittles, who is a chocolate Labrador.
I thought to myself, they are labradorable.
Amazing, why hadn't I coined that word before....then just 2 days later
I was reading the Herald Sun and on about pg 15 there was the headline.
Labradorable and a photo.
Did I think of it at the same time as the editor?

Spring has sprung but there was still a frost overnight

Yesterday I had the first ripe mulberry of the season..
There's plenty more to come.
Its a weeping mulberry and the weight of the fruit
puts a lot of strain on the branches.
All the more reason to eat the fruit
as soon as it is dark enough not to be tart.


smartcat said...

It's rough work but somebody's got to do it!
The pups are labradorable! I love the way they sit on top of each other.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh, sweet pups :)