Thursday, April 16, 2015

It never rains but it pours!

42 ml of rain by 2.30pm and it is still raining. 
The dust has settled!
I think this is the Autumn break the farmers were looking for.

I am not sure the caravan will get out of this easily.
G Kelly, we might be towing the car that is towing the caravan.

This person had a lucky break when they accidentally drove
down to our turn around. 
Plenty of people have been bogged down here.
Its a case of if it is wet it is out of bounds
Enter at your own peril.

This paddock is nearly completely under water.
I wonder if the market will be on in the morning?
I am bunching flowers but feel the need to stop 
as it is all a waste of time if the market is cancelled.
They had to be picked any way so that's no problems, 
but I haven't picked the herbs yet and perhaps I won't bother today.


Anna said...

ah the joy of a sunburnt country - drought or flood.. a big soggy in Sydney today too..

Gary's third pottery blog said...

whoa, so much MUD! Much the same here in upstate NY, but it rains all the time :)... or snows....

WJB said...

cant believe what I'm seeing Jayne, been thinking of you knowing that rain band was coming.It will do the paddocks good! not much good for the market!

catherine roberts said...

oh beautiful, we got 16 mils last week,the garden is doing beautifuly including my work one,the lawns are back and the new agrdens are bursting.