Monday, May 25, 2015

Works in progress

This fabulous little sculpture really needs it's creator 
to come back and finish it off with some glaze.

It is a finely crafted portrait of unlikely backyard
Who would have thought,
a dog, a cat and a magpie.

I have encouraged Corey, 
a Wednesday after school pottery student 
to create the tiles for the sink splash back.

I am hoping it is a bright coulourful addition
to the new studio.

This is what I am currently working on.
Aladdin's lamp.
Last time I tried this the spout twisted during firing,
and the wick hole closed over with glaze.
Better luck this time.

There has been a lot of work getting through the kiln.
I have been making mugs for the market, and this week
I have glazed about 9 bowls. 
Kiln will be cool enough to open tonight.
They are all Satin white which is a bit boring 
but currently popular with the purchasing public.

This is my effort to thwart the rabbits this season.
Generally they dine out on my Rannuculi but I don't think
they will be game enough to come right up to the house.

I have used an old garden door for a pathway through the pots.
Preparation for picking.
I have to not count my flowers before they have grown
but it is looking good so far.

The view from the pottery room 
when the flowers emerge will be stunning.
Stella is curious as to what I am doing.

I was interested to hear on the radio this week 
that the trends in restaurants at the moment include
Kale an hand made plates.
How can I get in on that action?
I could easily give that slab roller a workout.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Sweet dogs, both clay and real :)

Sue said...

Stella does look like she's ready for any rabbits! Is that a seriously full Lemon tree in the background there? How I wish I had that many!
Love those tiles go Corey!

WJB said...

The rabbits wont dare come so close to the house surely
Hope you get some lovely flowers for market in the spring.