Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jeans and Jumpers in January

Zinnia with purple and red Verbena
This last two weeks have been really cool..
Jeans  and jumpers in January?

It is cool enough to put some flowers out the front.
No takers so far but it looks good
when I drive in and out.
Like a portable garden....The afternoon sun can still
be pretty fierce. 
Our UV rating is always extreme,
even if it is cold in the shade.
Wow. We are up to Feb already? 
Schools in and so is after school pottery.
A few things out of the kiln today.
Pottery Club members have been busy.
Bob has made a set of bowls, 
Caroline's chickens on a bowl look great and 
the flower stamps on another bowl work really well.

I am loving the texture on this bowl.
Amy has transferred her cake decorating skills to clay.

I made a fish stamp and 
worked it around the edge of this platter.
I love it when the slab roller is working.
It wasn't quite right when I rolled this slab but I thought
the bumps in the middle were a bit like the sand 
on the bottom of the ocean.
Keep in mind I am a desert dweller and rarely visit the sea.

If I was reflecting the fish in the river...
the platter would be a different colour

It was good to catch up with Amilia yesterday.


Annie said...

I was so sorry to hear about Skinny. Mum and I tried to leave a comment on her computer but it wasn't working. Sounds like its good to have your kids back. I've had 2 days and a day gardening today. Back tomorrow for another 2. Class looks good.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

such a cute owl!

Caroline said...

Love the fish platter. What is Amelia making? It looks amazing.

WJB said...

Happy to see the pottery studio in full swing.Flowers lovely