Monday, January 26, 2015

Michael Sparkes

Goodbye good friend.
I will always have evidence your handy work
in my FC Holden.
You "gulled" parts from many a paddock wreck
to restore it to its former glory.
Not once but twice given Mr Gillardia's bad driving.

You forgave me when I cooked the engine taking a drive to Euston.
Again you got me back on the road.

This was my only car for many years.
I think you made me a heater out of a paint can.

You were very clever with anything, 
mechanics being the most obvious but you could sew!
Worked as a machine repair man at some stage and learned to sew.
There wasn't much you couldn't do.
You renovated the house and also made the curtains for it.
With a matching fabric covered pelmets.
I have pinned you to the studio wall...
Oh how I could have done with your help building it,
 and if it wasn't for your health I know you would have.

Thanks for the years of friendship,
and the odd high tea adventure.
It will be champagne and prawns for tea tonight!


smartcat said...

A sweet, funny, and loving tribute to someone who must have been a special friend.

Sue said...

Sorry to hear your friend has passed, sounds like he was a really special person and all must feel blessed to have known him. Xxx