Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dutch Iris from seed?

I wonder if my Dutch Iris seed will grow.
I found these seed pods the other day.
I didn't pick the flowers as they bloomed out of sync
with the farmers market. 

Oh well, might have been the best thing.
I harvested heaps of seed. 
Under that thick exterior, the seed looks just like a corn cob.

I did some research and most sites say to 
cool the seeds for some weeks before planting.
Most waited until the pods had dried before harvesting the seed.
I had one pod dry from the year before, and yes it was much
easier to extract the seed.
I was careful not to squash the seed. 
It was so plump with promise.
I thought I might do a series of experiments.
Plant directly, cool some for 6 weeks, 
plant some cooled ones after just 3 weeks.
My research encouraged keeping the seeds damp while cooling.
I wonder if that goes for dried seeds or fresh ones.
There is another two experiments.
If all of those seeds turned into

Keep in mind, 
don't count your Dutch Iris before they sprout


Gary's third pottery blog said...

SO pretty.

Michelle José said...

Wonderful, great photography, good luck with them and thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ive never seen iris seeds before...let us know how they go..Stunning flowers! Jacqui

catherine roberts said...

Im rather excited to grow some cliveas,not the boring small flowered ones but the glorious orange ones that look like scarboroughs