Thursday, January 8, 2015

Welcome Luka

Luka is a yellow Labrador
A boy!
We heard he needed a new home and
we had a recently vacated food bowl.
He is a very loving dog and will hold your hand for ages.

Full of life, 21 months old.
Very well behaved. 
We are taking two walks a day, swimming, fetching sticks.
He is not so good at giving them back...
I was trying to tempt him with a treat this morning but it only works for Stella
who gives the stick back anyway.

It is a bit scary when they both arrive at the stick
at the same time.
Here we had a major battle for the stick,
two dogs swimming vigorously in opposite directions.
I think it must have been this battle that lost Luka his new collar,
with an engraved name plate/ phone number
and the lifetime council registration tag that I got yesterday.

Stella won the stick.

The Murray River is very wide here at Mildura
We are just a few km's upstream from the weir,
so the river levels here are fairly constant.
Pool level, they call it.
I don't think I could dive for the collar as they were a fair way out.
A stick's throw in fact. Its pretty deep out there.


Anna said...

I hope they don't get too competitive.. no, I wouldn't go diving out there either

Caroline said...

Welcome indeed. You have been so lucky with him getting along well with Stella. I have also featured their wrestling on my blog. Glad to see you have more items on etsy than last time I looked.

Sue said...

What an absolutely gorgeous boy!! How I wish I owned a dog that would fetch and swim! I bet he will bring you many new dog memories to cherish.

Michelle José said...

Welcome Luka, wonderful story.... your spot on the river looks very dog friendly and magical....

Annie said...

He looks so happy Jayne...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

how wonderful!